From NYC

NYS Thruway North to NY Rt 17 west 17 west to exit 113, Route 209 North to Ellenville, In Ellenville, We are right after bridge on Rt 209, across from McDonalds.

From Albany

NYS Thruway South to exit 19, Route 209 Route 209 south to Ellenville, In Ellenville just before bridge on left on Rt 209.

From Hartford
Rt 84 east to Rt 52 west In Ellenville, Rt 52 west to Rt 209 North Right after bridge across from McDonalds
From Binghamton
Route 17 east to exit 113 Route 209 north In ellenville right after bridge across from McDonalds

From Kingston
Rt 209 South to Ellenville In Ellenville, before bridge on left across from McDonalds

From Middletown rt 17 west to rt 209 north, in Ellenville

From Newburgh
Rt 52 west to Rt 209 north, right after bridge in Ellenville
From New Paltz
Rt 299 to Rt 44/55 west Rt 44/55 west to route 209 south rt 209 south to Ellenville In ellenville, before bridge on left, across from McDonalds

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